The Uniform Inspection Checklist (UIC) is the most effective tool for identifying, assessing, AND addressing hoarded situations. The UIC allows users to objectively identify Harm Reduction targets, prioritize reasonable and relevant goals, set a baseline status, and monitor and measure progress throughout the resolution process. The universal nature of the UIC has proven successful, as is, for a wide variety of users (individuals, family members, and professionals), agencies (including inspection agencies), and geographic locations (including the US, Canada, and Australia). By sharing the UIC with your community partners, the necessary collaboration on hoarding cases becomes more effective, more efficient, and leads to more sustainable outcomes. Please feel free to use and share this tool. (**The UIC is copyrighted. Editing and/or posting alternate versions is prohibited. Using the link provided in communications or as content is permitted.**)

STEP 1 – This Quick Reference version of the UIC is ideal for initial assessments of suspected hoarded situations. Once completed, the Quick Reference allows team members to work together to develop mutual and objective goals. If the result of the Quick Reference assessment leads to a collaborative action plan being established, implement the UIC – long version below (Step 2). The UIC Quick Reference is also effective when shared with the resident as it provides specific and concrete guidelines.

Uniform Inspection Checklist – Hoarding/Excessive Clutter – Quick Reference  (use to objectively assess residence and prioritize Harm Reduction goals)

STEP 2 – This version of the UIC is based on the HUD inspection checklist – the most frequently failed inspection in hoarding cases. (Both versions of the UIC have proven effective in private and rental housing.) It is not recommended to provide this full version to the resident as it can be overwhelming. All targets on this full version are the same as are on the Quick Reference. This version provides a room-by-room assessment with the ability to include a Clutter Image Rating for each room. This provides a more thorough assessment in addition to the ability to monitor and measure progress throughout the resolution process. Use this full version to establish a baseline at the beginning of the case and at each inspection to track changes.

Uniform Inspection Checklist – Hoarding/Excessive Clutter – Full Inspection Version (use to set baseline then monitor and measure progress throughout resolution process)

The following video is a recording of a facebook live training on Hoarding and the Harm Reduction Approach. This training includes detailed instructions on how to effectively use and implement the Uniform Inspection Checklist – Quick Reference and the Uniform Inspection Checklist full version.