1. Convenience: You can log in to The Clutter Movement from anywhere and at any time! From the comfort and privacy of your own home, office, library, community center, or anywhere you happen to be, saving you time and money. Additionally, your support is not limited to traditional office hours, you can access content and support at any time that is convenient for you.
    2. Increased Access to Support: Most people are limited to the resources and supports in their local area which, for issues of clutter and hoarding, are few and far between. By joining The Clutter Movement, it doesn’t matter where you live! As a member you will have access to a trained and experienced professional and are no longer limited to what is available locally.
    3. Privacy and Confidentiality: Sometimes it’s easier to be open and seek support when you are not sitting face-to-face with others. It’s also easier to seek support when you don’t feel as if you are being ‘watched’ as you come and go. As a member of The Clutter Movement, you are assured privacy and confidentiality. You are free to participate at whatever level you are comfortable.
    4. More Affordable and Saves Money:
      1. For individuals and families, effective support and treatment for issues of clutter, hoarding behavior, and hoarding disorder are not covered by most insurance or medical subsidies and private pay options are often cost prohibitive. As a member of The Clutter Movement you will have access to support and resources provided by an experienced mental health professional for a nominal monthly fee.
      2. For professionals and agencies hiring a dedicated staff member requires funding that, more often than not, comes through grants. These grants, while extremely helpful, still limit hoarding work due to the amount of the award and the ability to sustain the work beyond the grant.  While everyone comes across hoarding cases, some agencies may not see enough cases to justify funding a dedicated staff member. For those agencies that have dedicated staff, often, due to funding issues, they are limited in their time, knowledge, and training. As a member of The Clutter Movement, you will have continuous access to guidance, support, consultations, and training tools provided by Marnie Matthews, MSW, LICSW, a trained and experienced specialist in all aspects of hoarding, for a nominal monthly fee.