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The Center for Hoarding and Cluttering is focused on offering quality online training for professionals who, through their line of work, come across hoarding cases. To increase access to professional training (often limited by location, agency association, timing, and cost) we are building a comprehensive catalogue of courses and support materials addressing every aspect of hoarding. These courses will feature a variety of the most experienced and respected professionals in the treatment of hoarding. All courses will offer Certificates of Completion and we will be adding Social Work CEU options as we continue to grow. 

There are two ways to access our catalogue of courses: Individual Access or Agency Membership Access:

Individual Access

Individual access to our catalogue of courses is available to anyone seeking to increase their knowledge and better understand hoarding. Courses will address both the clinical and crisis management aspect of hoarding with the goal of supporting all professionals who, through their line of work, come across hoarding, no matter their role.

All courses will offer Certificates of Completion and we will be adding Social Work CEU options as we continue to grow. Course offerings will range from one to nine contact hours. Additionally, we are working to keep the cost of courses competitive while ensuring the most up-to-date information. New courses will be added monthly so be sure to check in with us often!

Agency Membership Access

The number of agencies that become involved in a hoarding case is significant. Those most often involved include, but are not limited to, Adult Protective Services, Aging and Disabled Services, Child Protective Services, Code Enforcement,  Emergency Services, Fair Housing Services, Home Health Care Agencies, Housing Authorities, Mental Health Services, Organizing Services, Public Health, Property Management, Remediation Services, etc… In some areas, hoarding is the primary issue of up to 25% of Adult Protective Services’ caseloads with the majority of hoarding cases reported overall being in supportive/subsidized housing. With evictions and reports of property damage, injury, and death related to hoarded homes on the rise, it is more important than ever to be able to identify and intervene as early as possible to protect property, communities, and individuals.

Our Agency Membership option allows agencies to provide their staff with access to our full catalogue of training courses and additional content not available to the general public. Agency members will also have access to our vast library of supplementary resources on all aspects of hoarding. Additionally, agency members will have access to new content added monthly that will include interviews with experts in treating and managing hoarding and instructional videos on specific topics.

The Agency Membership significantly reduces an agency’s cost for hoarding specific training for staff and significantly increases the ability of the agency to address hoarding internally and as a multi-disciplinary community-based team. Instead of paying for a limited number of staff to attend limited trainings, on limited hoarding specific topics, the agency pays an annual fee that provides all of their staff access to all of our content. All of the agency’s staff are able to access all of our content 24/7, making training more flexible and consistent across the agency. All of our content is provided by professionals who have extensive experience in working with hoarding from both the mental health, agency and multi-disciplinary community-based management perspective. This provides the agency with an ongoing consistent, actionable, effective and affordable resource that benefits both the agency and their staff.

**Certificate of Completion Courses are free with the Agency Membership. Agency staff wanting Social Work CEUs for courses will be charged a fee of $5.00 per CEU. This fee will be charged to the individual, not the agency.

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