Professional Online Training

The Center for Hoarding and Cluttering is working to assemble a catalogue of courses that encompass every aspect of identifying, assessing, and addressing hoarding. All courses will provide a Certificate of Completion and many of these courses will also have the option of Social Work CEUs.

We will be bringing you trainings from a multitude of experienced professionals with varying backgrounds and roles in the community approach to managing hoarding cases. Course topics will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Hoarding 101: The Fundamentals

  • History of Hoarding

  • Animal Hoarding

  • Hoarding and Bedbugs

  • Safety Day: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Coordinated Clean-out

    Interventions for Severe Hoarding Situations

  • Working with Hoarding as a Professional Organizer

  • Understanding Hoarding from the Mental Health Perspective

  • Harm Reduction and Hoarding

  • Hoarding Case Management

  • Developing and Implementing Effective Collaborative Approaches to Hoarding in the Community

  • Hoarding Task Force Development

  • Building Community ‘Buy-in’

  • Working with an Individual with Hoarding Disorder: A Pragmatic Approach

  • Working with an Individual with Hoarding Disorder: A Mental Health Approach

  • Support Groups for Hoarding: How to Implement and Facilitate

  • Working with Families Impacted by Hoarding

  • Working with Children Impacted by Hoarding

  • Housing and Hoarding

  • Legal Implications and Remedies for Hoarding: Housing and the Community

  • Understanding Roles of Community Partners: Abilities, Limitations, and Collaboration