I have worked with Marnie several times to present a training on Hoarding to APS workers. All participants reported that this is a great training. They gave high ratings to Marnie, the training contents and the presentation. The goals and objectives were clearly stated and met; cultural diversity and ethical issues were appropriately addressed and included in the discussion. As a result of the training, participants better understand the multi-layered complexities of Hoarding, such as health, mental health, disability and societal issues. They have learned to be non-judgmental and to use empathy and patience; they feel more confident in their approach to assessing their clients and in developing a solid care plan. All participants commented very positively on the strategies and tools developed by the Center for Hoarding and Cluttering, i.e. the Uniform Inspection Checklist, a strength based approach, Harm Reduction, and the importance and effectiveness of building a great collaborative team with other community agencies. The training is designed to include group discussions that allow participants to also learn from each other and their county policies and regulations. Marnie also generously provides multiple links to supporting information and resources. 

Karin Patterson, LCSW – Adult Protective Services Training Coordinator – February, 2021


I have known Marnie for many years as a respected colleague, where she was an early and key player in addressing hoarding in Massachusetts. Marnie’s knowledge of all aspects of hoarding disorder is remarkable. Whether at the local or national level, she is a respected professional. Together with her direct experience working with people who hoard, she uses this knowledge to make real improvements in their lives. Marnie has also successfully brought all types of housing and service professionals together to educate them and work on systemic barriers to achieving results.

In addition to her many other responsibilities, MassHousing had secured her services as a training professional. She displays mastery of the subject material, understands the learning culture, and practices effective training methods. Marnie has consistently received the highest reviews as rated by training participants.

Ed Chase – Community Services Manager – MassHousing


Marnie was my supervisor as I pursued my masters degree in social work. She was an incredible mentor, and I learned so much from her about issues around hoarding and cluttering, as well as the best approaches to help people who struggle with these issues. Marnie is exceptionally patient, empathic, non-judgmental, and strategic in her approach with all of her clients. She genuinely cares about the people she serves, and instills hope in the these individuals and their loved ones.  

Julie Parks 


Marnie is amazing, very knowledgeable, helpful, and quick in her responses to client needs. She follows up with what she says she is going to do in a timely and professional manner. I enjoy the collaborative work that we do together.

Terina Bainter – Professional Organizer


The Clutter Movement has provided our agency with guidance, information and resources to help support our clients with issues involving hoarding behaviors.

Mary Ann Pierce – Peabody Council on Aging


We had a very helpful interaction with Marnie and it really helped us begin to formulate a way forward.

L. H. – Client


Provides much needed education and support around hoarding issues.

Rebecca P.


The Clutter Movement is a wonderful service and comprises of so many qualified and skilled individuals. This group gives greater awareness and attention to hoarding and clutter challenges for individuals and families across the country. I would recommend both professionals and family members to connect with this group for questions, service referrals or other ideas.

Max Zubatsky, Ph.D., LMFT – Assistant Professor, Medical Family Therapy Program – Saint Louis University



Eileen Dacey, MSW, LCSW – Program and Clinical Director – North Shore Center for Hoarding and Cluttering


I have worked with Marnie on multiple projects. She brings an amazing contribution of professionalism, organization and empathy to each project and it’s individual circumstances. When working with Marnie you will have a clear objective and pathway to success presented with attainable steps and time frames.

 Ned Kittredge, V.P. Professional Profiles – Homecare Agency/Heavy Chore, Hoarding Specialist


Marnie Matthews is a fantastic clinician working with those who have clutter issues. Her dedication to this population is remarkable. Marnie is always searching for new ways to enlighten the public about this disorder, provide education to professionals, and to reach individuals in need of clinical support. For anyone looking for more information about clutter issues I suggest contacting her. For anyone seeking relief from this disorder, I suggest getting involved in The Clutter Movement.

Karen Sullivan, MSW, LCSW – Amesbury Council on Aging


Marnie is a true professional in helping people work through their issues of holding on to stuff.

Susan Walko – Professional Organizer


I felt like finally I had someone on my side. My client was being harassed by BOH employees. Brought in another organizer, who was not a good fit. I had already been working with client for about year or two. This other person was not flexible. Marnie listened, worked with all the parties to have best outcome for this family. No blame, no miscommunication. Everyone was on same page. She actually sat down with me and listened to how far I had come working with this family. I was appreciated.

Karen Kenney – Professional Organizer


My name is David Greenbaum and I am the Director of Public Health for the Town of Saugus, MA. I have been collaborating with Marnie on cases of hoarding and cluttering for about 7 years. Marnie has always been willing to invest her time to assist other agencies with advice on how best to handle cases of hoarding. She is extremely knowledgeable and has always been a great resource to local public health when dealing with cases of hoarding and cluttering.

David Greenbaum – Saugus Director of Public Health


This is a marvelous support/resource group that helps people obtain peer support as well as professional guidance regarding issues ranging from challenging disorganization to hoarding disorder.

Anne B. Pagano, LCSW, ACSW, BCD, C-ASWCM, Executive Director – The Hoarding Disorder Resource & Training Group


Marnie conducted a presentation for the management staff of the TN Adult Protective Services program on 8/23/17. She is very knowledgeable about hoarding. Marnie presented the material in a way that was both informative and interesting. I received great feedback from several staff that were in attendance.

Vicki Moorehead – TN Department of Adult Protective Services Program Supervisor


Marnie Matthews is a very experienced professional that is very organized while showing a sensitivity to the client. Her work is effective and valuable to the population she works with. I would highly recommend her!

Doreen Brothers – Amesbury Council on Aging Director


Marnie Matthews is an incredible powerhouse of support and knowledge in the clutter field. Her compassion and enthusiasm are ever present and she ls a fantastic project leader. She gets things done and inspires others to continue the work. She makes people feel good, too. I love working with her.

Bec Belofsky Shuer – Mutual Support Consulting


Marnie does excellent work! She is compassionate, empathetic, and energetic. She is a wealth of knowledge and a great person to work with!

Melissa Moore, MSW, LCSW


We have had experience working with Marnie as she planned, directed and conducted a “safety day” here in Massachusetts. We found it extremely well organized, and ultimately productive and helpful in providing a safer and more organized environment for the consumer. It was worth the time and effort and the consumer/clutterer was not made to feel overly anxious or upset by the experience.

Deborah Schwendiman – Senior Care – Adult Protective Services Supervisor


I have worked with Marnie in various professional capacities over the last few years. She is extremely knowledgeable about clutter and hoarding behaviors and how to help those that are affected directly or indirectly by these behaviors. Marnie is professional and compassionate at the same time and is highly respected by her colleagues. She is a true representation of an amazing social worker. Thank you Marnie for all your hard work and dedication!

Deana Andrade, MSW, LICSW – Old Colony Elder Services


Minuteman Senior Services was fortunate to work with Marnie Matthews on clutter and hoarding issues. Marnie moderated a successful community forum on hoarding, provided training for our social work staff, and partnered with us as we launched our own support group program. She is very knowledgeable, and an articulate and compassionate advocate for people struggling with clutter.

Amy Meneely – Grants Manager and Healthy Living Coordinator – Minuteman Senior Services.


I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to observe and assist Marne during one of her projects. Her passion, energy and compassion were inspiring to everyone involved, including both clients and volunteers. I enjoyed the time I was able to spend with her.

Jim DiBenedetto – BioOne Boston – Hoarding Remediation Specialist


I was lucky to have the opportunity to work with Marnie and her support to hoarding cases. I not only learned so much from Marnie, but also saw her dedication to the clients she served.

Elisa Espinal – North Shore Elder Services – Adult Protective Services Supervisor


Thank you! I’m grateful everyday for this group and the comfort and support it provides. Because of it, and working with NSES, I am tackling my cluttering lifestyle. I realize there is no quick fix or easy answer; but I now accept this is ‘the way I am’. Combine my DNA, brain function, values, experiences, childhood & adult traumas- well, this is how I coped., by creating a literal fortress of stuff. Marnie has helped me realize ‘I am NOT my stuff’. She’s helped me determine for myself my core priorities and values; and how to use those and ‘who I am’ to overcome a lifetime of habits, thinking and behaviors. Most of all I felt SEEN- not as an object of pity and revulsion; but as a worthwhile person enmeshed in a net of keeping & acquiring; without organization or limits. I’m still struggling… but it’s on such a higher level of awareness and understanding and self acceptance. Marnie Matthews is the greatest therapist I’ve ever met! and I’m blessed to intersected with her path. I struggle to put into words how profoundly she has helped me change my life, for the better. She has helped be understand and accept my relationship to myself and my past; and to work to create a future I’m happy about. Such an incredibly long way I have to go…(still non-working appliances, etc.) but- I wouldn’t be anywhere close to as ‘improved’ as I am without Marnie Matthews & her guidance & wisdom. thank you!!

A.T. – Client