About the Center for Hoarding and Cluttering

The Center for Hoarding and Cluttering grew from The Clutter Movement, which was first developed in March of 2016 as a facebook group to facilitate continued peer connections and professional support during times when the groups at the North Shore Center for Hoarding and Cluttering were between sessions. Initially, The Clutter Movement facebook group was limited to only those attending our on-site groups. Within a short amount of time, word began to spread about the benefits of the group so we began to include members of other on-site groups outside of our program. Additionally, family members, for which there is a significant lack of support and resources, began to inquire about joining. To address this, The Clutter Movement Family Support facebook group was formed in August of 2016. Within a few months, we also formed the Hoarding Task Force Network facebook group for professionals who, through their line of work come across hoarding. This group allowed professionals to connect and share resources, information, guidance, and support. All three groups continue to thrive and grow today as a global community of peer support. 

While the facebook groups have proven to be a great resource, we recognize the need for increased access to professional education and support. To address this, the Center for Hoarding and Cluttering was developed with the goal of becoming the central hub for hoarding specific education and resources. Our founder, Marnie Matthews, LCSW, has been working with individuals that struggle with hoarding behavior since 2011. Her extensive experience and dedication in working with individuals, families, professionals and agencies impacted by hoarding has made her one of the top experts in mental health treatment and crisis management and a highly sought after trainer. Our mission is to use this expertise to increase accessibility to top hoarding training courses and support materials for individuals and agencies.