The Clutter Movement

Do you or someone you know struggle with clutter or hoarding behavior? Are you having difficulty finding support and professional resources in your area? As a member of The Clutter Movement, individuals and family members, along with professionals that through their line of work come across hoarding situations, have 24/7 access to the support, professional guidance, and training tools needed to work together for effective change.

Members of The Clutter Movement share the common purpose of working to decrease the misinformation and stigmas surrounding clutter, hoarding behavior, and hoarding disorder and to making a powerful collective effort in bringing about sustainable change in ourselves, each other, and the communities that we live in and serve.

Clutter and Hoarding Support for Individuals

There is no shortage of free information available online about issues with clutter and hoarding behavior. However, we find that the information can be overwhelming, is often contradictory, and rarely takes into consideration mental health, processing issues, or trauma and loss. We know that your best opportunity for success comes from working directly and consistently with an experienced professional and having the ability to connect with and work alongside others that share your experiences.

Clutter and Hoarding Support for Families

There is no shortage of information available for individuals struggling with clutter and hoarding behavior. However, we find that resources and supports for family members are limited and often one-sided. The Clutter Movement understands that family members experience significant frustration and complications with hoarding behavior. We provide you with the support, skills, and strategies necessary to cope with and help your family member deal with their clutter and hoarding problem.

Consultation and Training for Professionals

More professionals now have access to hoarding disorder information. However, available training is often not thorough enough to make the information easily actionable. The Clutter Movement understands that most professionals that come across hoarding situations do not have the time, capability, or resources to manage a hoarding case on their own. We provide professionals with support, case consultation, and easy access to tools and training with a specialist in hoarding behavior.