A quick google search provided the following meaning for the phrase ‘low hanging fruit’:

“A low-hanging fruit is a commonly used metaphor for doing the simplest or easiest work first or for a quick fix that produces ripe electable results.”

When considering decluttering inside their home, most people become anxious and overwhelmed. In discussing what these feelings are about, it usually centers around those items that are most difficult to make decisions on. Sometimes this comes from being told they need to make drastic decisions like getting rid of a deceased loved one’s items or getting rid of all their books. It can also come from their own assumption that these are the things that should go. The truth is, there are many homes I have worked in where decisions never had to be made on those items in order to make the home safe and functional.

Starting with the ‘low-hanging fruit’ results in experiencing successes early in the process. These early successes build confidence in implementing skills and strategies in addition to reinforcing decision making skills. Working with ‘low-hanging fruit’ often shows quicker results than sorting through pile after piles or boxes upon boxes of items. Instead of laboring through tough decisions, you are reaching in and picking only the ripe fruit.

To easiest way to get started is to look around and pick up the first item you see that you know you can, without question, throw away. In most cases, this could be packing material, empty bags or boxes, empty food containers or wrapping, broken items, etc. Now, move through each room that you can collecting those things that you can access and get them out of your home. The next step could be items that you know, without a doubt, that you are donating. Move through each room collecting those items and get them out of your home.

This process is highly effective in getting unstuck when you are overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. It also produces visible results in a shorter amount of time than sorting through piles and boxes. While that work will need to be done eventually, by the time you get there, you will have experienced successes that will build your confidence in your abilities and help you see that you CAN do this!


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